Partnership Support Organization for NYC Schools



In April 2007, CEI-PEA was approved as a Partnership Support Organization (PSO) for New York City public schools. As a PSO, CEI-PEA is providing 190 schools with customized support to help teachers and school leaders accelerate learning among the more than 100,000 students attending the schools. CEI-PEA delivers services to schools through on-site, embedded professional development as well as through a network system in which schools identify collective challenges for network-wide professional development.

Customized Support for New York City Schools

Schools have different needs, working styles and educational cultures. In order to meet the specific needs of individual schools, CEI-PEA’S PSO model provides both a core leadership team and a flexible field team to deliver services to schools:

  • The 190 schools have been grouped into six Networks with 28 to 31 schools each.
  • Each Network is facilitated by a Network Team Leader.
  • The Network Team Leader is supported by an Accountability/Achievement Coordinator and a Supervisory Support Coordinator.
  • These staff members are dedicated full time to the work of the PSO. Principals can contact these individuals 24/7/365 for emergencies.
  • A team of educational specialists is available to be resourced into the schools by the Network Team Leader, Accountability/Achievement Coordinators and Supervisory Support Coordinator to deliver on-site services. These field personnel have expertise in all areas of public education, including instruction, curriculum, special education, leadership, budgeting, programming, scheduling, data analysis, special education, English language learners, drop-out prevention, character education, teacher recruitment and retention, and many other areas.

This model is designed to help ensure that schools receive the services that meet their specific needs. It also helps ensure that those services are delivered by individuals with appropriate expertise. Among the key elements of the model are:

  • The principal and Network Team Leader are in regular communication.
  • Field personnel are selected to match the working styles and needs of each school.
  • As the school’s needs change over time, the field team supporting the school will change as well to continually meet the needs.
  • Support is both proactive and responsive. Field team members are assigned to the school based on the priorities identified in a Collaborative Needs Assessment. However, as issues emerge such as problems with involuntary transfers, fluctuations in budget allocations, unexpected loss of staff, etc., additional/different field staff can be quickly dispatched to the school.
  • School personnel are able to reach a senior staff member 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. The Network Team Leader is the primary point of contact. In the event that the Network Team Leader is unavailable for any reason, full-time senior staff from CEI-PEA will serve as back-up.

For more about CEI-PEA’s PSO plan, please contact CEI-PEA Senior Fellow Walter O’Brien.